Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club Wedding

Why a Wedding Timeline is Important

This Fiddler’s Elbow Summer Wedding is the Perfect Example

On a cool October morning, Marco and I geared up for Chelsea and Dan’s wedding at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club in Bedminster, NJ. We knew the day was going to be epic. I had previously hung out with the bride and groom over coffee plus had an afternoon photographing their engagement session around NYC. After that I had an idea what would be in store for their wedding. P.A.R.T.Y. Turned out, the reality far surpassed the expectations.

All that needed to happen… 

Hair and Makeup for bride/moms/8 bridesmaids, 10 groomsmen, bride and groom gift/letter exchange, dad first look, the couple’s first-look, their portraits and wedding party photos, ketubah signing and family photos were all scheduled before the wedding. The timeline was going to be key.

When booking clients, I create a custom timeline for them from the begging stages. It’s crucial to have a schedule that allows the balance of all the couples’ dreams to come true, includes “cushion” time to re-arrange or be late, yet HAV FUN. I strongly believe the photography portion of the day should blend right in and be just as fun as the rest.

I explained to Chelsea and Dan the benefits of a conservatively spaced-out timeline: they get to absorb the day together instead of separately by seeing each other prior to the ceremony rituals and party chaos, be relaxed for photos, allow their photographer time to be creative which delivers the best results, and then be with guests for all the food and fun. With this large wedding and busy day, I was so happy they agreed with my advice!

“The timeline was 100% helpful. Even though we had to play some things by ear, there was cushion time that made this stress-free. Having the timeline allowed us to plan our day and have everyone ready on time for pictures. We were even able to base hair and makeup and venue arrangements off of the photography timeline as well. We were most worried about getting stressed-out on the wedding day about small things – but because we did so much planning and weren’t rushed, plus it’s such a special and happy day, it was impossible for me to feel at all stressed!”– Chelsea, Bride

The end result…

We ended up having some spare moments before the ceremony, which we utilized for a few impromptu shots. Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club has so many nooks and crannies on their large property, that this was a huge benefit! These impromptu photos ended up being some of Chelsea & Dan’s favorites! With-out the properly planned timeline and photographer experience, these moments would have been lost.

Chelsea and Dan’s Fiddler’s Elbow Wedding was extremely smooth even with all they had to accomplish and coordinate before the ceremony. Marco and I were creatively inspired and laughing with the couple and wedding party throughout our work. It was really one for the books (or albums).

From the couple:

Any advice for future brides and grooms? “Someone gave me (bride) a piece of advice that I would like to pass on. She told me to stop, take a big deep breath, and look around the moment before walking down the aisle. This is the only time in the day where everything will be standing still. I took this advice and would pass it along.”

From the Groom – Don’t stop dancing all night! 

Peach of the Day – “The exchanging of the vows in front of our family and friends while we signed the Ketubah. It was a very meaningful and beautiful moment.” 

Pit of the Day – “Dan had a horrible cold – but it didn’t stop him from tearing up the dance floor!”



Dress: Eve of Milady, Kleinfeld’s

Shoes: Bella Belle

Floral: Eileen Ibranyi

Hair and Makeup: Pink Comb

Bridesmaids: Amsale, Brideside

Groom: Black Lapel

Venue: Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club

Music: New Yok City Swing



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