In my experience, ‘the peach and the pit’ usually occurred around the dinner table, after a great meal and a full day. Simply….each person is asked to ponder the best and worst part of their day; the sweetest, softest moment and the tougher, harder one.

This is a collection of Peach Photography clients and the sometimes funny but always reflective accounts of the their time with the camera.

the peach & pit

Peach: The love we felt was INDESCRIBABLE. The smiles, laughter, and pure love on every one
of our family and friends faces watching us start our forever will be grained in my mind for the rest of time. My husband and I were the happiest we've ever been! 

Pit: I tried my best to stay in the moment but at times I felt myself worrying about how the day was unfolding and what others were thinking/doing. Also, my dress weighed what felt like 200
pounds by the end of the night!

Cait l.

Peach: Just living in the moment on the dance floor. My favorite memory was when our favorite song “wake me up” by Avicii came on later in the night and just jumping around with each other and all our friends. It was a moment I’ll never forget! 

Pit: My best friend who married us came down with COVID days before the wedding so she wasn’t able to party with us.

ari c.

Peach: The best part of my day (besides marrying my husband) was being around friends and family. I loved getting ready with all the girls and just relaxing before everything. After we did our first look and got all the pictures, it was nice to again relax with the whole bridal party and
family before the ceremony.

Pit: Probably when all of the place cards fell off of our seating chart when we arrived at the venue at 7am. We had to alphabetize the place cards and figure out a new way to display them so they wouldn't fall off.

alli w.

Peach: 1 - when we were going around the altar table in the church (supposed be 3 times) but the Bishop kept going. My husband and I looked at each other, then his mom, and in that moment we were able to see the entire church filled with the people we love.

Pit: When it was all over! I couldn't believe it - the day was so incredible and just flew right by!

joy c.

Peach: Being surrounded by so much love and happiness from the people who mean the most to us! It was the most incredible feeling that I will treasure forever!

Pit: Trying to figure out how to go to the bathroom in a ballgown...

Madison W.

Peach: The entire weekend was perfect from our rehearsal dinner on the beach, to the wedding day, and then the after party at my favorite Jersey shore bar- Leggetts.

Pit: Seeing Brandon so nervous was actually funny! Usually I am stressed/anxious, and we completely switched roles. I was completely calm and just taking in the day, he was very stressed. The other minor “pit” was my shoes… I should have opted for comfort over style for my wedding shoes!

Emily & Brandon Delpozo – 10.2.21

Peach: The world around us disappearing during our ceremony, hand in hand. Hearing/saying our vows.

Pit: There just wasn't nearly enough time to spend with everyone! It all went so fast.

Monisha & Andrew McGinnis – 8.8.21

Peach: The peak of my day was walking down the aisle :)

Pit: Waking up three times in the middle of the night before the wedding to throw up. I was sure that I had food poisoning and was afraid we were going to have to cancel the wedding. If that happened any other night, I would have had my husband there to take care of me. Since it was the night before the wedding, I was alone. Fortunately, I think it was just my nerves and my stomach settled down later on in the morning.

Maddy & Sean Donnelly – 5.29.21

Peach: The first look and seeing Danny’s reaction! Loved the first look with my dad too and the moment my dad and I had before walking down the aisle. I ALSO loved having a separate room from the wedding party where my mom and sister helped me get dressed so we had an intimate moment just us, and laughed and took in the special day.

Pit: Worse part having was having to put underwear on once my dress was already on!! Had to get out of the dress again! My sister was sweating and had to air out her pits in front of the air conditioner absolutely hysterical! Loved everyone’s reaction to our coordinated first dance I loved seeing everyone and how happy they were for us. Best. Day. Ever.


Pit: NO PITS!!! I am sure somethings went wrong and I know I let the band play when we should have been eating, but I would go back and do it all over again 1M times again.

Peach: It’s hard to pinpoint a best part of the day – I was up at 6am so pumped to get ready and get married. The ceremony was emotional, the party was so fun, having everyone embrace the moment was perfect. I think I loved the moment right before Rob & I spoke when I got to look around and see all of the love looking our way.

Danielle & Rob – 10.10.20

Pit: The last hour of us getting ready in the morning. Everything was calm and went smoothly all morning and then as soon as it was time for everyone to get dressed it’s like all hell broke loose. It left me a little stressed until we got to the ceremony on time- then I relaxed.

Peach: Our first dance. We were so focused on each other as if we were the only two people in the room. We had no idea what was going on around us- in that moment it was just us two.

Laura & Brian – 10.18.20

Pit: Waking up at 6am to get hair and makeup done. Okay, not really even that was fun!

Peach: Walking out of the church as husband and wife, into the reception as Mr & Mrs.. the dancing.. the party.. I really can’t just choose one.

Heather & Adam – 9.14.19

Pit: coldest night of the year so far!

Peach: Our first look and not leaving the middle of the dance floor.

Jenna & Alex – 9.19.20

Pit: The anticipation/anxiety of the impending rain and bad weather (terrible forecast!!!)

Peach: Aside from marrying my best friend, was the perfect afternoon of weather. When we walked out of the church the sun was shining and the boat cruise has amazing weather straight down the Hudson!

Brittany & Zak – 8.29.20

Peach: The incredible amount of love we felt from our friends and family. It was amazingly touching to have the people we love most in the world in one place celebrating our marriage! It was a truly unforgettable day.

Pit: when our driver got lost on the way to taking photos in the park. We thought we were going to miss the sunset but luckily Alicia intervened and saved the day!

MEGAN & JORDAN – 10.6.19

Pit: The worst part was when it was over..I swear it felt like I only danced to 3 songs.

Peach: The best part of our wedding day was walking down the aisle…it was like no one else was in the room..and our first dance!

Alissa & John – 6.21.19

Pit: Having all the attention on me. Ugh.

Peach: Having everyone we love, friends and family, in the same place having a blast. That was truly amazing.

Stephanie & Fabian – 9.28.19

Pit: When the band announced my parents’ names multiple times by accident and the entrances were a bit wonky.

Peach: The first look! It got all the jitters out of the way and then we were able to hang out the rest of the afternoon while taking pictures and seeing friends and family. It was great.

Carina & Brian – 6.8.19

Pit: Getting a stain on my dress before even having the first look. There were green napkins in the limo and I used one to wipe champagne off my dress. The dress got a green line across the front.

Peach: Literally the entire day from start to finish, but if I had to pick it would be the first look and also walking down the aisle.

Sarah & Matt – 5.31.19

Pit: The random November snowstorm that hit the night before the wedding. It made us extremely nervous.. and took our VIPs hours instead of minutes to get to our rehearsal dinner the night before.

Peach: The first look was AMAZING. Alicia told us it would be, and it really was. It ended up making our whole day.

Julia & Carlos – 11.16.18