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My inspiration for “Peach Photography” comes from the experience of the “peach and the pit”, a light-hearted social discussion that has us ponder the best and worst part of our day. It is a reminder that not every day is great, but every day has something great in it.

That is my goal as a photographer...to have my work reflect what it is that makes a day special; what it is that makes a moment special.

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NJ Family Photography Session

March 21, 2023



The Bai’s Spring Family Session

Everyone says it and everyone knows it is true, that your kids grow so fast! The most rewarding part of being a parent is enjoying all the moments that bring you laughter, joy, enthusiasm, and even shock. A NJ family photography session is the best way to capture all of those little moments. Trap them in the camera, print them in a frame, relive them when the kiddos are adults of their own. 

I know you may be reluctant to book a NJ family photography session. I hear it all the time! “my kids are too much of a handful. I’m not ready to put myself in front of the camera. My spouse doesn’t like to take photos”. 

I promise that any reason you come up with will seem so trivial after you view the amazing photos. Any good photographer has little tricks to make the session fun. I like to start by helping you plan a location that will be fun for the whole family. This could be in home, backyard, a nature trail, a garden that your kids will love to explore, an ice cream spot, or a beach with waves to jump over and sand to play with.

What to Expect in Your Session

The NJ family photography session with Peach Photography will start with me, Alicia, learning about your child’s favorite food, games, or movies. All this will be in addition to guiding the whole family through some easy poses. After everyone has warmed up, I leave your family the space to be themselves. This might be exploring the area on their own. You can initiate tickle fights or dance parties with kids. Maybe everyone tosses rocks in the water or looking for butterflies in the flowers. These candid family photographs are just as priceless as the posed ones! As the Peach Photography moto says, “be grateful for the small moments, they make up the large ones.”

Learn more about pricing and booking your Family Session with Peach Photography.

Curious about coordinating your family’s outfits for your NJ family photography session, check out my Pinterest board of family outfit coordination. I also suggest shopping at zara kids!

NJ Family Photography Session
NJ Family Photography Session
NJ Family Photography Session
NJ Family Photography Session
NJ Family Photography Session
NJ Family Photography Session
NJ Family Photography Session
NJ Family Photography Session

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