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My inspiration for “Peach Photography” comes from the experience of the “peach and the pit”, a light-hearted social discussion that has us ponder the best and worst part of our day. It is a reminder that not every day is great, but every day has something great in it.

That is my goal as a photographer...to have my work reflect what it is that makes a day special; what it is that makes a moment special.

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Stephanie & Christian The Asbury Hotel Wedding

October 15, 2020



If I were to ask you to name a top five on my love list, the beach should be one. Yes, I say “beach” not “shore”. I am born and raised in Jersey but I call it the beach people! I’m always at Asbury Park or in sand come summer. I was so excited when Stephanie and Christian reached out to me about her Asbury Hotel wedding. The Asbury Hotel is such a great new venue with a sweet mix of beach, trendy décor, and backdrops for photos. From rooftops, brick and ivy, sand, ocean, murals and boardwalks… you can beat it if you want the beach.

From our initial phone call in February 2020, I could tell Stephanie and Christian were a great fit for me to work with. They talked about keeping their wedding on the smaller side, including all small or local businesses as their vendors, and just keeping the core meaning of a wedding as their focus. This was me when I had my wedding!

From February to March they had the notion that their wedding plans may change but they did not let the increasing dangers of the Pandemic stop them from planning. So we moved forward with our relationship together as they continued to adjust their plans.

From 100 guests to 40… Stephanie and Christian kept their original date for their Asbury Hotel Wedding, and most of their original locations. With amazing rooftop views at the Asbury Hotel, the ceremony went as originally planned with the added bonus of a champagne toast on the roof to celebrate. If they had a large guest list still, the adorable toast and group photo would not have been possible!

Then they got creative for the reception! With a great Air BNB rental available on 1st Ave in Asbury, the couple was able to continue the reception in a backyard they decked out with antique rentals, farm tables, games, and a lot of their original décor.

When I asked Stephanie what the best part of the planning process was, she said:  “Sharing our vision and plans with our family and friends. Whether it was the big, fancy wedding or the micro-wedding in a stranger’s (now friend’s) backyard, everyone was so supportive and happy for us. This process has shown us how lucky we are – we have the most wonderful community around us. Long-term, that’s all that matters. In early August, due to state restrictions, we relocated the reception to a local backyard for more flexibility. The home owners were two of the kindest and most generous people we’ve ever met. They made our day possible and we’ll never forget it.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it again and again. Intimate weddings are just that, intimate. Meaning you enjoy all the moments because you are in the moments. Stephanie and Christian’s advice for 2020/2021 engaged couples: “For any 2020/2021 brides and grooms, we feel for you and send major good vibes your way. For all brides and grooms, make sure you find a few ways to make your day unique to the two of you and don’t stress the little stuff. For us, a spontaneous boardwalk parade that made the full wedding 45 minutes late to cocktail hour was one of the most special parts of our day! Sometimes, you just have to go with it.

Peach & Pit: Peach: The entire day was wonderful, but an extra special moment was our mini boardwalk parade with family and friends. After our ceremony at The Asbury Hotel, we took the long way to our backyard reception. We were just hoping to take in the beautiful ocean view once more, but surprisingly, outdoor diners and beachgoers clapped and cheered us on for the full 5 blocks. It’s been a tough year for everyone…we were blown away by the love and kindness extended to us by strangers. Pit: Due to the circumstances, we missed many family and friends at our wedding. We certainly felt their love from afar, but it’s always extra special to be able to hug your people in person.


Dress: BHLDN by Anthropologie

Groom’s Suit: Bonobos

Bride Shoes: Pinky Promise

Florist: AP Greenery, Asbury Park

Hair & Makeup: Hot Mess Studio, Jackie Fittante

Venue: The Asbury Hotel, Air BNB

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