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My inspiration for “Peach Photography” comes from the experience of the “peach and the pit”, a light-hearted social discussion that has us ponder the best and worst part of our day. It is a reminder that not every day is great, but every day has something great in it.

That is my goal as a photographer...to have my work reflect what it is that makes a day special; what it is that makes a moment special.

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How to Pose for Engagement Sessions

October 14, 2020

Photography Tips


How Do Couples Know How to Pose for Engagement Sessions?

Tips on “How to pose” for engagement sessions so you look like your Pinterest Board Favs

Photographers get questions about this all the time! My favorite is the first timer comment, “I’ve never been in front of the camera before, will you show me how to pose?” or the client seeking the natural look, “I don’t want our photos to look ‘posey’, can we keep it candid?”. Well to all those couples out there who are counting down the dreaded days to having their camera debut, I have the photo session secrets you’ve been looking for; broken down into three beautiful and strangely simple thoughts.

This past January I took my turn in front of the camera.. and like Joni Mitchel once said, “I’ve seen the world from both sides now”… my fiancé and I were nervous at first but then I said to myself, “self.. take your own advice. Live by the words you’ve been telling others and have the best damn time on the other side”. And we did! Believe it our not, my fiancé really did have a blast.

So here goes, friends. Like most great advice in life, these points might sound cliché. But cliché’s, like many great jokes, were written from truth.

Starting with the biggest cliché: Be Yourself

  1. Be yourself

You’ve probably heard this a million times in life and for a million different reasons. But if you’re not an actress or America’s Next Top Model, and you want your photos to show the world how great your love is, you have to be comfortable. The camera can show and hide a lot of things, but if you are not dressed like you, if you are not in an element you love, then it will show. After all, when it comes down to it these photos are celebrating you.

-Pick an outfit that you feel comfortable in! Try it out before your session, and bring a back up outfit. If you have enough time with your photographer to change this is always a great idea. You may end up liking one better then another and it’s always good to have an option in the end.

-When you think of a location, your photographer should have suggestions for you but based on the lead you give them. There could be a certain place or activity that means something to you and your fiancé. Or even some where you’ve always wanted to go. This can add a level of comfortability or excitement which will show through in your photos.

  1. Forget everyone else and focus on each other

It might take a few minutes to get used to this as a lot of people feel pressure when a camera is pointed at them… but think of it this way: the best photos are candids and “natural” photos. If you pretend the photographer isn’t there, if you pretend its just you and your love bird, if you stop worrying: “does this look silly?” or “should I move my arm”, then you will focus on the energy and love you are celebrating.

-Keep moving around naturally, talk and joke with each other, embrace the moment. Your photographer will let you know if you should move your arm or look at their camera. You might be sick of looking at each other after the session is over, but that’s only a temporary side effect 🙂

  1. Have fun!

Some clients want to pretend they are having a model shoot, while others just want to get it over with. This final tip applies to everyone and can certainly be applied to many other moments in life.

-Joke around and make each other laugh. Laughter makes EVERYTHING better in life. Funny faces, bad dance moves, whispering jokes, are just a few tricks to keep up your sleeve.

Below are some pictures from my engagement session by the lovely Alchemy Creative as well as some recent engagement shoots with upcoming Brides and Grooms of mine! You can alway view more sessions in my gallery. 

how to pose for engagement sessions
how to pose for engagement sessions
how to pose for engagement sessions
how to pose for engagement sessionshow to pose for engagement sessions

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