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My inspiration for “Peach Photography” comes from the experience of the “peach and the pit”, a light-hearted social discussion that has us ponder the best and worst part of our day. It is a reminder that not every day is great, but every day has something great in it.

That is my goal as a photographer...to have my work reflect what it is that makes a day special; what it is that makes a moment special.

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30 Things I’ve Learned in 30 Years

May 4, 2020



Here it is! The moment I can no longer say, “I’m in my twenties”. I am really going to miss that. The twenties were pretty great. A mix of learning, partying, scared of the future, going from broke to not, actually knowing how to dress, battles of the heart, hard realities, and so much more. I’m hoping the thirties are just as exciting because I have to say, this is the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been. I mean really… here I sit in my home office: A wife, a homeowner, a business owner, an artist. Seeing as I’m entering a new decade in a new decade, reflection is only fitting.

A global pandemic has certainly helped to add an item or two to the list. 30 things I’ve learned in 30 years isn’t even a starting point but you’ll probably lose interest come 31. One item that didn’t make the list, is “age is just a number”. I still like to ride the shopping cart in the store, sit “criss-cross” literally anytime possible, and dance around or act a fool even when people are watching. Although I was initially bummed to not be toasting this milestone on a vacation with loved ones, I am concentrating on being humble and grateful. Making these 30 things in 30 years list really helped. So here goes!

30 Things I’ve Learned in 30 Years

  1. Being an adult isn’t as romantic as I always thought. Where are all the dinner parties, fancy outfits, non-stop laughter-filled nights? Really it’s problem-solving and proactively planning and balancing. And bills.
  2. Love your job!
  3. You can plan a timeline, but it doesn’t always work. You’re not ahead of others and not behind them either. There is no universal finish line.
  4. Put away the cell. Live in the moment.
  5. Lipstick or a good outfit can change your attitude.
  6. Embrace what God gave you. Everybody has a different body. There is no definition of beauty.
  7. Confidence goes a long way, even if you fake it.
  8. Sometimes it’s okay to fake it. Sometimes.
  9. Learning never stops. Whether you learn what to do or what not to do, there’s no such thing as being the absolute best or achieving perfection.
  10. It’s more difficult to listen then it is to speak.
  11. It’s true, “you can’t change a person”.
  12. “Save for a rainy day”, also true… but don’t save so much that you never enjoy it.
  13. Don’t underestimate the impact you have on someone even in the smallest of encounters.
  14. Don’t let others tell you what you can and can’t do.. your mind is a powerful tool, use it.
  15. Don’t take it personally – they’re probably having a bad day or something else in their life is going wrong.
  16. Nobody has the answers. They just know what did or did not work for THEM. It does not mean that is what’s right for YOU.
  17. Even when you “get there” there is another place to go.
  18. “Try it.. you might like it.” Damn it, Mom!
  19. Your family isn’t the only crazy one.
  20. If you have to ask, chances are you already know the answer. Should I not wear this? Is it inappropriate if…? Yes.
  21. “Think before you speak” is probably the truest childhood phrase you’ll ever hear. It’s harder to take back something said then it is to not say it at all.
  22. Intuition is real. Sixth sense is real. Gut feeling is real.
  23. Listen to your heart… not always real.
  24. Friends will ask for advice, they very rarely listen.
  25. If you don’t agree with a point of view, religious belief, etc, research it before you judge it. Don’t be ignorant.
  26. Be able to take a joke.
  27. Dance!
  28. Dogs really are man’s best friend.
  29. It’s okay to quit, but it’s not always quitting it’s knowing when to walk away.
  30. Find what makes you happy and make time for it. Even better find who makes you happy and make time for them. Friends, family, the souls that matter to you.

30 Things I've Learned in 30 Years

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