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Celebrate Your Wedding During Quarantine

April 24, 2020

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Pandemic Wedding Issues

You have been planning and perfecting your wedding for months, and now you’re faced with Pandemic wedding issues. You may be postponing the party, or canceling the party altogether. Now you are wondering how to celebrate your wedding during quarantine. Love should still be celebrated right? Of course! That’s not even a question.

I have teamed up with Wedding Planner, Jodie Lupo of Particular Planner, to give you the needed advice you’ve been searching for. We have both worked in multiple aspects of the wedding industry before we started our full-time companies and have both recently been brides ourselves! Jodie and I have combined our love for weddings with our experiences, and researched advice from some of the top industry resources. Peach Photography and Particular Planner are here to give you one consolidated source to help solve your Pandemic wedding issues!

  1. Visit the Courthouse

If your State is still issuing marriage licenses, look into a courthouse marriage. Definitely get dressed up, definitely have professional photos taken, and definitely look into floral options and video streaming. 

Not all photographers may be comfortable with quarantine weddings, but if they are like me, they would love to keep safe by wearing a mask and gloves, keeping safe distances, and documenting everything you both agree is possible. 

Many florists can still drop off flowers at your doorstep or give family members petals to throw as you exit the courthouse doors as husband and wife! 

 2. You can still do almost everything from home

There are many states that will allow anyone to be your officiant or become a legal officiant easily and almost instantly via an online form. Pick your officiant and ask them to marry you at home. See an amazing example of this here through the Green Wedding Shoes post of a real couple who did not let Covid-19 cancel the celebration of their love.

Just like in the above video, you can ask local friends and family to drive by your house, “parade” style, to see you and offer congratulations. The fanfare is truly special and moving. 

There is plenty of easy DIY backyard or living room decor for an at-home wedding. *quote an idea here – include photos from Pinterest as an example (A trellis or lattice from home depot with paper lanterns or flowers, cloth banners, etc?)

Now you have an excuse to shop if you don’t want to wear your actual wedding dress. There are plenty of online options with fast shipping and free returns! Like this romper for just $220 at BHLD.


3. Enlist someone who loves you to coordinate a party or throw a parade

You probably had bridesmaids and groomsmen already panned – put them to work! You can give them a few ideas and then wait for the surprise. 


4. Ask your florist to help lift your spirits

Florists can create a small centerpiece arrangement in the same style as your wedding.

Maybe there is money you have spent they’ll allow to be used as a credit. The flowers will brighten up your home. You can even preserve them in a unique way to remember the day by. 

5. Order a small cake you can enjoy together

We don’t know about you.. but sweets can really make everything better.


6. Dance to your anniversary song 

Get dressed up and play that special song you chose for your first dance. It doesn’t have to be serious, but how amazing do you feel when you get dressed up? Maybe you can even record a video and send it to the artist. How special would it be if they replied??

Celebrate Your Wedding During Quarantine

7. Elope and change your wedding to a one year anniversary 

You can still throw the party you loved! Change the wedding to a one-year anniversary. Hopefully, you can keep your original plans.  

Keep a photographer or videographer for the elopement and create an email template on Flodesk (currently a free service!) and then send the photos to all your guests asking them to save your new date! 

Celebrate Your Wedding During QuarantineCelebrate Your Wedding During Quarantine

Even more ways to celebrate:

-Order from a fancy restaurant you wouldn’t normally

-Take the day off from any work and just be together 

-Save all your wedding gifts you may receive for that day and open champagne while opening gifts

-Treat yourself to something off of your registry – buy each other a gift

-Plan a Zoom or Houseparty meeting to toast with your friends and family on your date…They may even have a speech they still want to read to you!

Free paint from home class every Monday at 8pm with local Wedding Painter, Amanda Hawthorne of Live Well Paint Often. Participants have the option to donate to the “charity of the week”.

-Get dressed up, like really dressed up, and have a fancy date night from home. Candles, makeup, perfume, the works. 


Vendors we would like to thank:

Particular Planner


Green Wedding Shoes


-Live Well Paint Often


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