Alicia Savoly is the founder of Peach Photography NJ. She is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Central Jersey. She loves all food.. literally, live music, travel, her fiancé and their two cats.

“I don’t live for photography; I create photographs because they fill me with life.”

– Masters of Photography

I first fell in love with photography at the age of 14 and it wasn’t long thereafter that I knew this would be my passion… for life. I followed this passion through college and internships with agencies as well as event and family photographers throughout NY and NJ. I then knew that starting my own business was the path for me. Since 2012, weddings and families have been a focus in my business and I undeniably love what I do.

There’s such a magic to noticing the pieces to a moment: how the light is working, the touch of a hand, flicker of hair in the wind, the tear on a cheek, the raise of an eyebrow, the list can go on forever! To be able to take this magic and present it to others how I see it, really is worth a thousand words. Sometimes we forget that every second of everyday is created and effected by the “little moments” that led to it and surround it.



-And those little in-between moments, is where the real story happens.