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My inspiration for “Peach Photography” comes from the experience of the “peach and the pit”, a light-hearted social discussion that has us ponder the best and worst part of our day. It is a reminder that not every day is great, but every day has something great in it.

That is my goal as a photographer...to have my work reflect what it is that makes a day special; what it is that makes a moment special.

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NJ Lifestyle Maternity & Newborn Photography

April 13, 2021

Maternity & Newborn


Lifestyle Maternity & Newborn Photography

Are you are searching for natural, unique, and extraordinary photos of you, your family, or your pregnancy? Then you are in the perfect spot. Peach Photography is a Somerset county family photographer, that believes photography is Pure, Simple, and Timeless

It’s commonly said that craftsmanship is the solitary truth, and photography is the most genuine type of art, as it captures us as we are. Lifestyle maternity & newborn photography brings out and highlights the common magnificence of family. The photos create an enduring memory of a time in your life that you can hold and value for years to come.

Lifestyle maternity & newborn photography is the perfect way to capture the characteristic excellence and wonderment of the underlying phases of motherhood. So many moms struggle with how they feel in their new bodies and debate about whether they really want to capture that time in their life in photography. Well, the female body is truly a miracle! What it can do should be embraced and celebrated. The best way to do this is naturally, in the comfort of your home.

Peach Photography has solid ten years of experience as a NJ maternity photographer and catching the ideal points, shapes, shadows, and curves to feature the most excellent parts of your pregnancy.

Once you have welcomed your magnificent infant to the earth, there is no ideal second to catch their unique beauty and remarkable excellence than their first few weeks of life. When it comes to newborn photography, don’t stress about taking the baby out and what to pack! Peach photography’s lifestyle newborn photography is captured in the comfort and safety of your home. Having years of NJ newborn photography experience, I know about the requirements of babies and the exact techniques for establishing a relaxing atmosphere. This evokes the best articulations from your child. Sometimes I even end up teaching new moms some tricks!

These in-home lifestyle maternity & newborn photographs are the perfect example of a how lifestyle maternity sessions and lifestyle newborn sessions can depict the joy and wonder of such an amazing life experience to light.

Get in touch with Peach today to plan your upcoming session or gift to a friend!

Want to see even more? You can also view the Maternity & Newborn Portfolio here.

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